Bio-identical Pellet Therapy

Now Offering Testosterone Pellet therapy

What is Pellet Therapy?
Bio-identical Pellet Hormone therapy is alternate type of bioidentical hormone replacement in which tiny slow release pellets are inserted into the subcutaneous tissue (just under the skin). The office procedure is quick and virtually painless, and last for 4-6 months  depending on the person’s metabolism and dosing. We now offer this service as an alternative to injections in men and creams in women.
The Pellet Difference
With Pellet therapy, you get a slow release of hormone that is nearly identical to the release in the body.  You don't have to worry about peaks and trough levels that may occur in other dosing regimens such as injectables.  Because the pellets are slow release, you experience a steady release of hormones throughout the days, and a more consistent benefit of the hormone itself.  In addition, since the pellets are carefully compounded according to USP sterile regulations by the most experience pharmacies, you get a truly bio-identical solution, rather than the commercial formulations often used for some hormones such as Testosterone injections.  This means the dose can be more customized to your body's individual needs.
Experience the Pellet Difference!
- Avoid the mess of creams and lotions
- No more painful injections
- Available for Men and Women
- No more hormone yo-yo levels
- Experience a steady release of hormones
- Truly Bio-identical
- Last 4-6 months (so no more frequent office visits for injections)




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